Top–quality dedicated hosting services in an avant–garde datacenter in US.

With a dedicated server, you’ll be able to ensure the greatest on–site experience for your site visitors. The physical location of your dedicated server, however, is also a key factor for ensuring top site load speeds.

Schuh's Services Web Hosting Services offers you the option to have your server hosted in one of the best–connected datacenters in the United States of America. It’s physically located in downtown Chicago, USA and will ensure the ultimate on–site experience for your customers on the North American and Latin American markets.

In the datacenter in US you will find several different robust dedicated server configurations featuring SATA 2 disk drives, Gigabit Network Interface Cards as well as bountiful monthly traffic and DDR memory allocations. At signup, you’ll be able to choose a desired OS. Additionally, you will gain full root access and three totally free dedicated IP addresses. The dedicated server will be configured at no cost and will include a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. You can find the datacenter in US option on the order page.

Other US Hosting Services

Apart from dedicated servers, in our datacenter in US you’ll find US Located Shared Hosting packages coming with unlimited disk space, traffic and MySQL database space allowances. Furthermore, every Linux shared hosting service package offered by Schuh's Services Web Hosting Services comes with ca domain for just $16.50.

US Located VPS Servers are also offered. They are a much cheaper replacement for dedicated servers, offering similar resources but at a lower price. That is why a Virtual Private Server can be an excellent home for resource–swallowing sites such as regularly visited web stores or CPU–hungry software applications.

Furthermore, our datacenter in US is the home of our US Located Semi-dedicated Servers. Semi–dedicated servers represent a special hosting solution, a mix between dedicated servers and Linux shared hosting service packages. They offer a lot more power under the hood than ordinary web hosting packages do, but they don’t entail the server management operations associated with dedicated servers.